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In 2006, Freud Foundation US was founded in New York to inform the public about the life, work and era of Sigmund Freud and about the effects of this life and work on society, art and culture. The Foundation’s activities include conferences, exhibitions, symposiums and studies promoting the international transfer of knowledge pertaining to psychoanalysis. Fundraising is an expressly stated mission of the Foundation, and one of its primary objectives is to financially assist organizations in the USA, Austria and other countries whose work involves Sigmund Freud and the impact of psychoanalysis on contemporary civilization. Among the institutions to be supported are the Sigmund Freud Museum and the Sigmund Freud Foundation. The Freud Foundation U.S. and the Sigmund Freud Foundation also engage in scholarly cooperation, researching the influence of psychoanalysis on art, society and culture from the beginning of the last century to the present day. Through cooperation with American universities, the transatlantic dialog is also intensified, engendering a transmission of cultural values. International networking is encouraged through scientific events and organized tours in which scholars from the USA can visit the setting in which Freud lived and worked in Vienna and meet Austrian researchers.


The Board of Directors currently consists of Members as follows:

Chairman: Dominic Freud
President: Petra Vospernik
Vice-Presidents: Jeanne Wolff Bernstein, Marjorie Federbush
Treasurer: Stephen Harnik
Secretary: Peter Noemaier
Directors: Franz Jurkowitsch, Thomas Kohut, Emil Mezgolits

The Austrian Consul General in New York, Georg Heindl and Mrs Neline Heindl-Koornneef hosted a formal dinner at their residence on Thursday January 14th, 2016 to mark the assumption of the the Chairmanship of the Freud Foundation by Dominic Freud and to thank Gregor Medinger for his services as past President and to mark the assumption of the Presidency of the Freud Foundation by Petra Vospernik.

On the picture, from L to R: Seated: Dr. Christine Moser, Director Austrian Kulturforum, NY, Deborah Harnik
Laurie Kogan, Dr. Richard Kogan, Patty Freud, Harald Halbhuber, Emma Freud, Dominic Freud, Neline Heindl-Kornneef, Austrian Consul General Dr. Georg Heindl, Stephen Harnik, Dr. Petra Vospernik, Marjorie Federbush, Gregor Medinger, Bee Medinger.

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